No. 1 First St, Manchester

Looking down 7th Ave. NY

Westbay Skyline, Doha

Chaoyang Park Plaza, Beijing

Corner of 10th Ave. and West 18th st. NY

Looking north up William St. NY

Dubai skyline with Burj Khalifa

The Oculus,1 WTC and 7 WTC. NY

The Scalpel and Lloyds, London

Twin Towers & Gate Tower, Doha

53 West 53rd, NY

East 42nd St. NY

20 Gracechurch Street, London

Pudong Financial District skyline, Shanghai

The Shard, London

Dubai skyline with Burj Khalifa

Deansgate Sq, Manchester

Red Cube & Brown Brothers, 140 Broadway. NY

Chaoyang Park Plaza, Beijing

Fiterman Hall and Oculus. NY

6th Ave. & 53rd St. NY

Plac Unii, Warsaw

Atria, Dubai

Shanghai Tower reflection ​​​​​​​

Looking north up Manhattan

56 Leonard St., Titanpointe & Tribeca Tower. NY

First St, Manchester

Overlooking City Hall Park to 250 Broadway, NY

New York skyline with Hudson Yards and The Vessel

Jin Mao Tower & Shanghai World Financial Centre

Looking east across Manhattan

Cluster of Buildings, South St. NY

1 Seaport & Continental Centre. NY

Zuccotti Park & 4 World Trade Centre

20 Fenchurch St. London

Złota 44, Warsaw

Deansgate Sq, Manchester

William St. NY

Skyline, Shanghai

Leadenhall Building, London

The Oculus under construction, NY

Southern tip of Manhattan & New York Bay

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