Doha like other cities in the region, has transformed itself in a matter of decades into a ready-made arena for global finance and cultural showcasing.
Msheireb Downtown Doha is a re-build of a city centre district, begun in 2010 and fully completed in 2021 in time for hosting the World Cup. It is an ambitious urban statement that has moved beyond singular skyline buildings to a more considered, integrated use of design. Traditional regional architectural features are put to use – stacked blocks of human scale buildings that create shaded walkways & spaces, allow for rooftop use and terraces. Street alignments, irregular placing of buildings, staggered, perforated facades and roof surfaces positioned to enhance shade and air circulation.
It is a striking and hypnotic piece of design; an entwinement of light, shade, form and detail that accommodates local climate, tradition and the challenges of contemporary urbanism.
For a growing multipolar city, Msheireb also consciously reclaims the idea of a Downtown, a hub, a commercial, cultural and community focus. And with the 3 lines of the new metro converging there it engages and integrates the city as a whole.
Being so recently completed, its claims and ambitions to be the leading example of smart, community enhancing, sustainable living remains to be seen. However, as a concise and contained piece of design that addresses directly the pressing challenges of contemporary urbanism, it will be something to be studied for whatever success and failures it may have. 

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